First Day of Fall

“Be like a tree… and let the dead leaves drop.” – Rumi

Fluffy Fall Pancakes

There are only so many days left where these yummy fall pancakes are appropriate to eat – not to mention, only so many days left where its ingredients are sold in grocery stores!

Check out these 19 fall-pancake recipes that are great for Thanksgiving weekend!

Butternut Squash and Pecan Pancakes

Get in the Halloween Spirit with Jack-o-Lancakes!

Whoever told you not to play with your food clearly has never celebrated a holiday before! Get in the Halloween spirit with this fun recipe from Hungry Happenings, and you’ll be sure to make a boo-tiful breakfast!



Get Crafty This Season with Your Fall Pancakes!

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread Mix is flying off the shelves, Starbucks is offering their Pumpkin Spice Latte, and my Pumpkin Cupcake candle from Bath & Body Works is strategically placed on my office desk; yes FanCakes, it’s that time of year again! FALL!

So: are you looking for ways to spice up your pumpkin spice pancake recipes this season? I know I sure am! Take a look at these gizmos and gadgets from the Caribbean Shopping Channel so you can satisfy YOUR fall-food cravings!

The Pancake Batter Dispenser: Dispense the perfect amount of batter without bowls or spoons!
Pancake Dispenser

Aluminum Ceramic-Coated Fry Pan: Flip those flapjacks without them sticking to the pan! Aluminum is one of the best heat conductors; and, the evenly tempered base delivers even-heat distribution for reliable cooking results.
Stainless Steel Fry Pan

Farm Animal Cookie Cutter Set and Decorator Tool Kit: Whether it’s for apple picking, haunted hayrides, pumpkin patches, or even just a good ol’ fashioned petting zoo, what’s more fun than visiting animal farms in the fall?! Create some fun fall farm pancakes with this Cookie Cutter Set, and Decorator Tool Kit.
Farm Animal Cookie Cutter Set 2
Decorator Tool Kit

And of course, for more fun fall pancake recipes, check out the Recipe section of Ma’amCakes!



Fall into Fall: with Pumpkin Pancakes!

Take a bite out of fall with this delicious pumpkin pancake recipe!


Celebrate Halloweekend with This SpoOoky Pumpkin Pancake Recipe!

Halloween Pumpkin Pancakes with Black Cinnamon Syrup

Enjoy Halloween early this weekend – or, nurse that Halloween Hangover on Sunday – with this awesomely scary “Halloween Pumpkin Pancakes with Black Cinnamon Syrup” recipe from!

Pancake Review at: DOUGHBOYS CAFÉ

Dec 30th, 2011

Today I visited Doughboys Café on 3rd Street between La Jolla and Crescent Heights, and decided to review their pancakes as my first blog entry. Until today I had only visited Doughboys once, and tried their absolutely amazing Challah French Toast (Bonaparte’s Breakfast)- so I was very much anticipating the taste of their pancakes. Although Doughboys has several tempting options, including Rice Krispy Pancakes, I decided to go with the Pumpkin Griddlecakes.

As I’m not such a fan of nuts, I asked the server if it was possible to have the meal sans walnuts; she explained that because the nuts are baked into the batter, this was not going to be possible. The server did, however, mention her dislike of walnuts as well, and assured me I wouldn’t be able to taste them. Boy was she right!

With a fantastic blend of pancakes, pumpkin, and walnuts, the first bite of Pumpkin Griddlecakes tasted like Thanksgiving morning. The pancakes were doughy but not heavy, and flavorful but not overbearing. While the pancakes were tasty with a hint of syrup, the scoop of whipped cream cheese on top sealed the deal.

The Pumpkin Griddlecakes at Doughboys are the perfect holiday breakfast treat; just steer clear if you are allergic to nuts!

*And as a side note, unlike many restaurants in LA, Doughboys serves breakfast ALL DAY LONG!