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IN THE MIX: Pancake Review with Special Guest, Actor, Michael King

Dec 23, 2012

Last weekend I was very excited to have Mike King join me as a Guest Reviewer for Ma’amCakes!

While some of you may know Mike from CSI, Up All Night, or Last Resort, I’m fortunate enough to call Mike a friend, AND he just happens to be the husband of former Guest Reviewer, Kelle King!




When attempting to choose a restaurant for the review, our options were pretty abundant considering, (similarly to Ma’amCakes), Mike has quite a sweet tooth. After finally settling on one place, Mike then changed his mind, and arrived at the perfect location: Kings Road Cafe!



Kings Road Cafe, located on Beverly Blvd. and N. Kings Road in Los Angeles CA, is actually a restaurant in which I’ve never been! As I hadn’t eaten pancakes in almost two months (I know, right?!), I was definitely in the mood for some good ye olde fashioned buttermilk pancakes.


Well. Not to be too critical, but I will give this a D for decor (what?! That’s what it starts with!). When re-looking at the photo, you know the pancakes aren’t that memorable when you want to lick your screen upon seeing the bacon and eggs, forgetting about the two buttermilk pancakes underneath. All in all, these pancakes were…decent. They were old fashioned, plain, buttermilk pancakes – or, plancakes, if you will. I have had good buttermilk pancakes before, (what up, Black Cat Bakery!), but these are nothing to write home about. That being said: if you are looking for pancakes when you are hungover, these should be your go-to breakfast. Because they’re plain – yet filling – the buttermilk pancakes at King’s Road Cafe are the perfect meal when you need something in your stomach, but also want to keep it down!


Hey Mike, you want a side of pancakes with that butter?

Mike decided to go with the Whole Wheat Granola Pancakes with blueberries inside – a combination Kings Road Cafe allowed him to order (nice job, KRC!). “These are freakin’ delicious,” yelled Mike, “I forgot how good they are.” Mike then continued as he said, “Unlike most granola pancakes that are very heavy and weigh you down, these are actually lite. These make you feel good about what you’re eating, and the granola combined with the whole wheat gives you energy for the rest of the day.” Hey fitness gurus, you hear that?? It is possible to eat something as heavy as pancakes for breakfast, and actually still feel making your Saturday productive. “Pancakes are great, but it sucks when an hour later you want to take a nap; I can hike after eating these! That is of course, unless I slather them in honey or syrup.” Na Mike, I think you have enough butter on those bad boys.

At the end of the day, while I’d recommend my buttermilk pancakes mainly if you’re hungover, Mike is ready to trek up Runyon after his. Overall, the pancakes Mike and I ate at Kings Road Cafe were fluffily delicious; some might even say… they were fit for a King!

Thanks so much Mike, for being a part of Saturday brunch with Ma’amCakes! Be sure to check out Mike on the last three episodes of Last Resort on ABC, beginning tomorrow, January 10th.



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May 29, 2012

BreakfastforDinner Youtube Debut

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Pancake Review at: BLD

Sept 27, 2012

Having heard great things about BLD Restaurant, located on Beverly Blvd and N. Vista St. in Los Angeles, CA, I was stoked to finally try their pancakes!

Since the “B” in BLD stands for Breakfast, I figured the menu would have an abundance of pancake options.

Well. I guess BLD doesn’t consider breakfast to include a large pancake menu. That being said, fellow coworkers consistently rave about these Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes – having never experienced ricotta pancakes before, I was doubly excited to try a new spot, and a new pancake breakfast!

The Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes at BLD were actually…. fantastic. Because the ricotta was so subtly baked into the meal, the chef created one of the fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever tasted. Cooked to perfection with a crispy topping and velvety inside, these pancakes were quite the Sunday morning treat.

To top off the BLD experience, my pancakes were accompanied by the sweet decoration of a log cabin home, for my log cabin syrup.

While I absolutely recommend the Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes at BLD, it is important to recognize – that’s your only option. So BLD, my advice for you is to create a more diverse pancake menu, with at least two or three more selections; if your only pancake option is this good, imagine how much more popular your “Sweets” section would become!

So Glad KTLA Meteorologist, Jim Castillo, Loved My Review with Reporter Doug Kolk!

IN THE MIX: Pancake Review with Special Guest, Singer/Songwriter, Julia Sinclair

Aug 1 2012

Last weekend, Singer/Songwriter Julia Sinclair joined me as a guest reviewer for Ma’amCakes!

A fellow (Upstate) New Yorker, Julia has been playing the guitar since she was seven years old, and to this day can play the classical, electric, and acoustic guitar, as well as the bass, mandolin, cello, piano, and more! Julia has played at SXSW, and completed a national tour with Mat Kearney and Ingrid Michaelson, as well as an east coast tour with Bryan Greenberg last year. Currently signed with Red Light Management, and living in Nashville, Tennessee, Julia is here in Los Angeles for the summer to finish up her debut album.

For her Ma’amCakes debut, Julia picked Jumpin’ Java located on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, CA.

I was stoked to try a new spot! That being said, I was even more excited when checking out the creative Ma’amCakes on the menu:

“Wow,” said Julia, “I’m not even sure where to start!” I wasn’t either, actually; I kept debating between the Apple Pancake and the Banana Nut Pancake. Julia then announced, “I’m going to get the Blueberry Pancakes, but I’m not gonna use syrup. Seems like the right thing to do.” Indeed, Julia! After explaining Ma’amCakes’ motto – that a truly delicious pancake doesn’t need syrup – Julia agreed and said, “I’m really picky about my syrup, it has to be grade-a. I’m a purist.” After making me laugh out loud, I started to think Julia and I should join forces and have a You Tube show: we can vlog about pancake reviews, and she could close out with a breakfast song. Hey Marty, hit me up! ; )

After finally deciding on the Banana Nut Pancake… well, I didn’t expect it to look like a potato latke, that’s for sure! (Yes, I am hyper-linking. For all the non-Jews.). But boy, did it taste like anything but!

One thing to note about Jumpin’ Java is that they actually have quite a crepe-selection. As a result, the Banana Nut Pancake tasted like the perfect combination of a crepe and a pancake. Now personally, I am not the biggest fan of crepes (check out my Talladega Nights posting), and unlike popular belief, pancakes and crepes really are two separate treats. That being said, I did enjoy this combination from Jumpin’ Java. The pancake had just enough crispiness, fruit-freshness, fluffiness, and texture. Kudos to Jumpin’ Java for putting such a unique spin on the Banana Nut Pancake breakfast.

“This looks so good,” said Julia, “I like that they give you a lot of butter – some places are stingy with that.” Julia enjoyed her syrup-less pancake as she stated “Yeah these are awesome, and I don’t need syrup.” Well, they’re good in my book then! As Julia was describing her love for the Blueberry Pancakes, she said “These have the perfect amount of cakiness, as they aren’t sticking to the roof of my mouth.” Julia also agreed about the way the pancakes were cooked as she said, “They combined the crispy and fluffy very well. I’m impressed.” You’re right, Julia. I too am impressed.

Overall, the Ma’amCakes at Jumpin’ Java were excellent because you could taste the hard work and care put into the batter. The best part about Jumpin Java (besides the pancakes) is they serve breakfast ALL day and ALL week, AND some of the pancake dishes give you the option of two vs. four pancakes. It’s as if Jumpin’ Java has been following Ma’amCakes’ reviews, and placed one suggestion per review within their menu! Jumpin’ Java has officially been added to my list of favorites.

Thanks so much, Julia, for being a part of Sunday brunch with Ma’amCakes! Be sure to check out Julia’s EP Slow and Steady now on iTunes, her You Tube channel Julia Sinclair Music, and look out for her debut album this winter.