IN THE MIX: Pancake Review with Special Guest, Talent Manager Rebecca Lambrecht

Last week I was very fortunate to have Rebecca Lambrecht join me as a Guest Reviewer for Ma’amCakes!

Rebecca, whom I actually met through one of her clients, manages famous talent such as Dancing With The Stars’ Mark Ballas and Lindsay Arnold, Alexis Bellino (OC Housewives), Kelly Bensimon (TV Personality/Model/Author), up and coming pop artist, T. Bright, along with DJ London Thomas, and previous Ma’amCakes Guest Reviewer, Jeff Margolis. Before working with these artists and starting her own management & artist development company, The Chicane Group, Rebecca spent three years and two album cycles on Britney Spears’ management team, under the direction of Larry Rudolph. Through all of her entertainment endeavors, The Chicane Group’s success is rapidly climbing, and Rebecca also serves as one of the Talent Executives for the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants (NBC/ dick clark productions/Donald Trump), among other LIVE TV specials and music festivals.





For our review, Rebecca chose Manhattan Beach hotcakes hotspot, Uncle Bill’s Pancake House, which I have been wanting to review for over a year!



Based on the abundance of pancake options from this menu, it’s no wonder everyone in South Bay has recommended Uncle Bill’s! After taking a few minutes to decide on my order, I went with the Cinnamon Apple pancakes, a treat I’ve never had before!


Each bite of this delicious breakfast was just as good as I thought it would be. Between the amazing consistency of the cinnamon, apple, and the pancake batter itself, this meal from Uncle Bill’s tasted like a Sunday morning with your family. Although typically found in pies and muffins, the combination of the cinnamon and apple spice is what made this pancake meal one for the records! Can we say, “hit me baby one more time?!”


Rebecca chose her meal almost immediately, ordering the Pumpkin Spice pancakes, with an extra topping of strawberries. While I wasn’t so sure about the pumpkin/strawberry combination, after tasting a bite, I now give props to Rebecca for this concoction – and suggest that this option be included in the menu! “These are delicious,” said Rebecca while savoring her meal. “The pumpkin spice tastes like pumpkin bread.” On that note, you don’t often find seasonal pancakes out of season; keeping this option on the menu year-round is definitely something that makes Uncle Bill’s stand out! And the girl in the background clearly agrees…I can almost see her saying, “these are so good!” Rebecca laughed as she realized, “I’m gonna eat my whole plate!” When asking Rebecca which pancakes she plans on ordering next time, she replied, “I would get the Banana Nut!”

Overall, the pancakes at Uncle Bill’s are just as delicious as they are creative. Perhaps if I review with more of The Chicane Group’s clients in the future, I should create a blog category called Pancakes with the Stars!

Thanks so much, Rebecca, for being a part of Monday afternoon brunch with Ma’amCakes! Be sure to look out for Rebecca’s latest endeavor called Proven Talent, with partner and seasoned talent producer, Colleen Grillo.


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IN THE MIX: Pancake Review with Special Guest, Renowned Television Director and Producer, Jeff Margolis

Last weekend I was extremely fortunate to have Jeff Margolis join me as a Guest Reviewer for Ma’amCakes!

Although Jeff recently (two weeks ago, to be exact) directed AND produced the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, (to which he proudly mentioned, “we finished one second under!”), his resume is richly compiled of popular television shows ranging from “The Sonny and Cher Show,” to HBO’s “Michael Jackson: One Night Only,” “President Clinton’s 50th Birthday Celebration,” and ABC’s “Quincy Jones…The First 50 Years.” While Jeff has worked in television for over 40 years, his award show credits include The Oscars, American Music Awards, The Golden Globes, The Emmy Awards, The Miss America Pageant, and The Academy of Country Music Awards. With that said, as we are right in the heart of Awards Season, you can imagine my astonishment when Jeff agreed to join me as a Guest Reviewer!



MJJMThrowback to the “Michael Jackson: One Night Only,” special.

As Jeff announced that he wanted to dine at Mel’s Drive-In on Ventura Blvd. and Kester Avenue in Sherman Oaks, CA, I quickly realized this choice was somewhat ironic. Throughout that weekend my dad was back home in NYC celebrating his 60th birthday, and his father (my grandfather, who passed away years ago) was actually named Mel. So, needless to say, this restaurant suggestion was quite sentimental for me. Ok ok, let’s all say a collective “awwww,” it’s alright!

To be honest, Mel’s Drive-In is a spot in which I’ve only visited late-night, so I was looking forward to trying their pancakes for the first time!



In spite of the above choices, I decided to ask the waitress if there were any other pancake options just to double check – sure enough, not listed on the menu were Whole Wheat Granola Pancakes!


While I honestly was expecting diner-pancakes that were trying to be “healthy,” I was pleasantly surprised just how good these pancakes were! Not only were they cooked to perfection but they tasted lite, and I didn’t feel disgustingly full after. I then asked the manager how these pancakes tasted so good while still tasting so healthy, and guess what their secret ingredient is? Cinnamon! The Whole Wheat Granola Pancakes might just be the best thing on Mel’s menu – that is, if they ever get added to the menu!


For Jeff’s breakfast, he chose the classic Buttermilk Pancakes with bacon on the side. “These are really good,” said Jeff, “I’m really enjoying the flavor, and the syrup!” Although Jeff liked his pancakes, I think after seeing just how much I enjoyed mine, we quickly Sonny and Shared so he could do a pancake comparison. “Oh yea, these are great. I do enjoy the Whole Wheat Granola Pancakes more. Both pancakes are good though – mine are very fluffy, and yours have a fluffy inside with a crispy outside. Yeah, both of these are great!” It was only after we both cleared our plates that Jeff informed me he normally doesn’t eat pancakes – he ordered them just for our review. Now that’s a true FanCake right there!

Overall, the pancakes at Mel’s Drive-In were much better than I anticipated. To the Manager, (or Mel): ya might want to think about adding the best meal on your menu to your menu! And speaking of menus, “American Food at Its Best?” You can say that again!

Thank you so much, Jeff, for being a part of Saturday brunch with Ma’amCakes!