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Westside Rentals Considers Ma’amCakes a “SoCal Expert?!”


I consider WSR a SoCal Expert for apartment hunting – so honored they consider me an Expert for pancakes!

Check Out My First Citysearch Guide on (What Else?!): The Best Pancakes in LA!


Did your favorite spot make the list? (Once you click the link, be sure to click the “Guide Tab”) AND keep in mind, I can always add to the list…!

Ma’amCakes’ Review is Featured in Yelp’s Weekly E-Letter!

Ma’amCakes’ Pudgie Elvis Review at Jacks N’ Joe has been mentioned in Yelp’s Weekly E-Letter, “Yelp’s A Nutter For Peanut Butter!

Jacks n Joe Feature

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So Glad KTLA Meteorologist, Jim Castillo, Loved My Review with Reporter Doug Kolk!

Ma’amCakes’ Review with KTLA Reporter, Doug Kolk, Made Today’s Front Page – AND Top Stories List – on Happy Hour LA!

Happy Hour LA Ma'amCakes Front Page


IN THE MIX: Pancake Review with Special Guest, KTLA News Reporter, Doug Kolk

Aug 21, 2012

Last week I was very fortunate to have KTLA News Reporter Doug Kolk join me as a guest reviewer for Ma’amCakes! A fellow East Coaster (Wayne, NJ), Doug graduated from Hofstra University and began his career in Binghamton, New York. Shortly after, Doug moved to Fort Myers, Florida where he was a Traffic Anchor for WBBH-TV. Upon receiving a phone call to transfer out to San Diego, California and work as an Anchor for CBS8, Doug jumped at the opportunity. A few years later, (this past April to be exact), KTLA-TV 5 Los Angeles recruited Doug as a Reporter; after Tweeting Ma’amCakes that he isn’t sure where his favorite pancake spot is, I figured I should introduce this Reporter to the world of Ma’amCakes in his new neighborhood.


When referring to “the world of Ma’amCakes,” my original plan was to go to The Griddle as they are centrally located, and have some of the most creative pancakes in Los Angeles. However, as Doug informed me the night prior to our review, “Forewarning, I don’t like sweets, and therefore my pancakes come plain,” needless to say, the plans quickly changed. When trying to mask my fear of privately reviewing with this man in the morning (I mean, who doesn’t like sweets?), I instantly thought of Black Cat Bakery, as that is my go-to spot for buttermilk pancakes in LA.

After assuming Doug couldn’t surprise me any more than he already had, I received another text. “You will also find tomorrow that I bring my own syrup, which is quite a common occurrence.” Um… what?!  Well, then I guess it’s true what they say about the word “assume!” Apparently, Doug schleps around a bottle of syrup because he insists on having pure maple syrup with his pancakes. I will admit I was pleasantly surprised someone could take as much pride in their pancakes as I do; but this is a whole new level, even for Ma’amCakes. Perhaps Doug should begin his reporting segments with “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”

When ordering our pancakes, I stuck with my favorite dish at Black Cat, the Buttermilk Pancakes with Belgian Callebaut Chocolate, while Buddy – I mean, Doug – ordered the house made Buttermilk Pancakes.

Seeing this dish puts a smile on my face. Again. Look at those beautifully melted chocolate chips, and the perfectly (perfect meaning not greasy) glistening pancake itself. Black Cat Bakery hands – er, spatchulas – down has the best chocolate chip pancakes in Los Angeles.

To his surprise, Black Cat served their Buttermilk Pancakes with pure, maple syrup. Well, that sealed the deal! Last minute switch from The Griddle to Black Cat? Score, Ma’amCakes. “I’ll take any excuse to pour maple syrup on something, but these are definitely good,” said Doug. Similarly to Ma’amCakes, Doug has a motto about syrup as well: “For maple syrup, I’ll go as far as eating a pile of cooked dough.” I wasn’t quite sure what that meant, as I don’t exactly see eating cooked dough as a punishment; but for someone who apparently won’t go near birthday cake, I guess Doug takes his syrup very seriously!

Thanks so much, Doug, for being a part of weekday brunch with Ma’amCakes! Be sure to catch Doug on KTLA News Channel 5.

Black Cat Bakery, Showin’ the Continued Love

Well, Now We Know Why Black Cat’s Pancakes Are So Yummy!