Pancake Review: Snooze Eatery

In spite of a 4 hour delay at the airport, flying directly into a thunderstorm, then experiencing a snowstorm by the following evening – all in mid-May – I finally made it to Denver to visit my BFF. Upon tweeting various Denver news outlets for pancake recommendations, I received quite an enticing tweet from Visit Denver, enough so to lure me out of the house and into the freezing cold May Saturday:



I figured since the weather was terrible that we’d get seated right away; much to my surprise, the wait was an hour and a half! (What’s the wait like on a good day?! Was everyone in Denver just severely hungover this weekend?)

unnamed (1)

While waiting for our table and ingesting the ambiance of Snooze Eatery, I noticed a little treat to the left of the hostess stand:


Free self-serve coffee while in line? That’s certainly one way to entice customers to wait the hour and a half! Fortunately for me, having a pancake blog did help lessen my wait time – or maybe I should say, traveling from LA to Denver in a thunderstorm and purposely eating my first meal at Snooze Eatery is what got me a seat! That is what you call dedication, after all.

Looking at the menu, I noticed the most important word (besides pancake) was left for the end…


A FLIGHT of pancakes? Like a flight of wine?! What could be better! (Perhaps a pancake/alcohol flight combo… thoughts, Snooze?) Well as you can imagine, I chose this option and selected my 3 pancakes more carefully than selecting my last boyfriend.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

I ended up choosing the Strawberry Fields – which is only seasonal by the way – Peanut Butter Cup, and Chocolate Chip. Out of all 3 I’d have to say my favorite was the Peanut Butter Cup, but I did particularly enjoy the strawberry-lavender cream on the Strawberry Fields. To their credit, all 3 pancakes tasted exactly as they sound: decadent, sweet, and delicious, but most importantly: memorable. Just when I thought breakfast couldn’t get any better, I was suddenly surprised with an extra pancake placed on my table.


The wonderfully generous employees of Snooze rolled out their flapjack carpet and surprised me with a pancake that’s not even on the menu! It’s apparently called the Sinful Pancake, but for all intensive purposes I’m just going to call it the Ma’amCakes Surprise. This beyond delicious treat included a buttermilk pancake with white chocolate chips, bacon and candied pecans, while topped with vanilla anglaise , cinnamon butter, caramel and powdered sugar. Believe it or not, out of all (4) pancakes, this was by far the best. I certainly recommend that Snooze put these bad boys back on the menu but if not, for all you FanCakes, just ask for the Ma’amCakes Surprise upon placing your order.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience reviewing my first pancakes in Denver. While I do wish I sampled some from a mom-and-pop restaurant in addition to Snooze, it is nice to know I can grab these pancakes in San Diego for any future cravings (there are also restaurant locations in AZ as well). I do wonder why the restaurant is called Snooze… maybe it’s because you need a hefty nap after this meal!

Well FanCakes, be sure to check out Snooze Eatery during your next visit to Downtown Denver – just maybe put your name on the list and go shopping in the meantime, cause you could hit the snooze button a few times before you’re actually seated!

Pancake Review at: THE SMITH

Since the moment I landed home in NYC for my annual holiday visit, all I could hear about from my mother was that I needed to try the Salted Caramel Pancakes from our neighborhood restaurant hot spot, The Smith located on 63rd and Broadway; however, there was one problem – I was getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed a few hours after I landed at JFK! While I wasn’t sure whether or not these pancakes would be worth all the motherly hype, one thing was for sure – the thought of dripping salted caramel over a bed of pancakes was enough to force me into an early recovery. Fortunately, I was in good paws and had the best healthcare:


After about seven days of yogurt, eggs, and occasional mac and cheese (I pretty much was only able to taste and swallow), you can imagine how my mouth watered with the thought of these legendary pancakes. Mistakenly, we visited The Smith after 12pm on Wednesday, and learned the hard way that you can *only order brunch before 11am.*

By Saturday, Christmas finally came and after a quick glance at the menu, stitches still intact, I ordered the food item that I had been hearing about for weeks.




The Salted Caramel Pancakes from The Smith were everything I had imagined, and more. The pancakes themselves were like heavenly pillows; if I could have placed those in my mouth after surgery, instead of the gauze, the recovery process would have been much more sweet and savory. The pancakes were so fluffy and delightful that I actually smiled (to the best of my ability) while eating. The touch of salted caramel to the already delectable delicacies created a pancake party in my healing mouth.

While I don’t care much for pecans, nor could I eat anything crunchy anyway, I did appreciate that The Smith placed the pecans on top of the pancakes, as opposed to in the batter. As I’m also not much of a whipped cream person, the, instead, whipped ricotta definitely made the dish more unique. At the end of our meal, I thought for sure my mom would smile with vindication, but she instead said concluded breakfast with “cute waiter!” Like mother like daughter I guess. Hours later, as I’m now getting ready for dinner, I’m still thinking about those pancakes, and while I do have more restaurants to try, these bad boys might just be my new favorite pancakes in NYC. Well mom, this is the only time that I won’t mind hearing “I told you so.”

And for a full video of the Salted Caramel Pancake experience:

Pancake Review at: Jonathan Club

Although I always review pancakes at restaurants that locals frequent, last Wednesday was an exception for more than one reason.

A couple of weeks ago I received a phone call, followed by a breakfast invitation, from the Director of Operations at the Jonathan Club, as he claimed the Club has the best pancakes in all of LA. While I was extremely flattered that the Director thought of Ma’amCakes for this invitation, the skeptic New Yorker in me surfaced before the words of gratitude could, and I somehow replied with, “That’s a pretty bold statement to tell a pancake reviewer!” A week later I found myself in Downtown LA, walking through the historic doors of the Jonathan Club, a private, members-only social club. The Jonathan Club, which also has a Beach Club location in Santa Monica, was established in 1894 as a political group, and at one point, even had Ronald Reagan as a member; needless to say, I had to put on my fancy-pancake-pants for this review! With one glance of the 50ft ceilings, sparkling chandeliers, and custom-carved wooden walls, I had to catch my breath for a second as I was suddenly powerfully aware of the Club’s prodigious history.



As I sat in the booth with the Director, I soon realized it was the first time I’ve reviewed pancakes for dinner! Before I could become any more astonished, a platter of three different types of pancakes was placed in front of me by the Chef himself, Jason McClain. For a moment there, I thought I was having a hotcake hallucination!


The first pancake, The Strawberry Rhubarb Pancake, tasted very similar to strawberry shortcake, and even had sweet cream on top. The tenderness of this pancake kept me wanting more, even after I’d already taken my last bite.


The second pancake, The Caramelized Banana Pancake, had a fiery crispness on the top, almost like that of creme brulee, and continued to warm my heart with every bite. The combination of the soft pancake with the banana, and sweet & crunchy caramel top, is a dish that still makes my mouth water when glancing at its photo.

Caramelized Banana

The third pancake, Robby’s Buttermilk Pancake, actually gets its name from Robby’s Pancake Mix– a trick I learned from Jason himself. Although the mix may technically belong to Robby, the twist put in the recipe to make a traditional buttermilk pancake taste so delicious, is a credit that Jason fully deserves.


And in case you were wondering, my favorite of the three pancakes was… The Caramelized Banana!

Overall, the pancakes at the Jonathan Club were certainly on par with the best pancakes in Los Angeles. The service I experienced definitely validated the exclusivity and standards of excellence in which the Jonathan Club prides itself.

I wish all you FanCakes could visit the restaurant, and taste the pancakes for yourselves; however, last week’s review wasn’t just about the pancakes, but it was also about some Food for Thought. As a blogger, particularly as a blogger with an additional full-time job, you constantly wish as much time could be devoted to your blog as that towards your career. As a result, it can get somewhat discouraging if, for example, your traffic isn’t always as high as you’d like it to be. While I have had some incredible experiences thus far in my Ma’amCakes journey, receiving that phone call from the Director of Operations at the Jonathan Club was one of the most rewarding. That call proved that whatever frustrations you have along the road of blogging, you never know who is viewing your project, and what can potentially come of it.

If I had to create a title for the plated pancake feast I had last Wednesday evening, I would call it: Grateful Glamorous Griddlecakes.

For information on how to become a baller – er, Member of the Jonathan Club, click here.

Pancake Review at: BLD

Sept 27, 2012

Having heard great things about BLD Restaurant, located on Beverly Blvd and N. Vista St. in Los Angeles, CA, I was stoked to finally try their pancakes!

Since the “B” in BLD stands for Breakfast, I figured the menu would have an abundance of pancake options.

Well. I guess BLD doesn’t consider breakfast to include a large pancake menu. That being said, fellow coworkers consistently rave about these Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes – having never experienced ricotta pancakes before, I was doubly excited to try a new spot, and a new pancake breakfast!

The Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes at BLD were actually…. fantastic. Because the ricotta was so subtly baked into the meal, the chef created one of the fluffiest pancakes I’ve ever tasted. Cooked to perfection with a crispy topping and velvety inside, these pancakes were quite the Sunday morning treat.

To top off the BLD experience, my pancakes were accompanied by the sweet decoration of a log cabin home, for my log cabin syrup.

While I absolutely recommend the Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes at BLD, it is important to recognize – that’s your only option. So BLD, my advice for you is to create a more diverse pancake menu, with at least two or three more selections; if your only pancake option is this good, imagine how much more popular your “Sweets” section would become!

Pancake Review at New York City Brunch Spot: GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT

Sept 5, 2012

Well, I made it back to New York City last week, and couldn’t wait to eat/review my first NYC pancakes since January (remember my Ditch Plains review?)! At the recommendation of a friend, we went to Upper West Side brunch spot Good Enough to Eat, located on 83rd Street and Amsterdam Avenue.

This cute little gem in my NYC neighborhood made me wish it existed when I was growing up – and that was before I even tried the pancakes!

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised to not only see multiple pancake-options, but to see a perfect combination of traditional and diverse pancake-options. While the waitress informed us the most popular pancakes on the menu are the Apple Pancakes, in honor of summer, I went with the Peter Paul Pancakes.

Based on the perfectly melted chocolate chips, the crispy edges, and the fluffy inside, I knew these pancakes would be Good Enough to Eat before my very first bite. When pancakes are made with more than one ingredient, it’s easy to add too much or too little of such ingredients; however, the Peter Paul Pancakes were cooked to perfection.  My only recommendation for this dish would be to perhaps add a slice of pineapple on the side, instead of a lemon, to complement the coconut sprinkling. That being said, with all those chocolate chips, I needed a big glass of milk to accompany my breakfast – as I bet this is the case with most GETE patrons, perhaps the dish should be renamed Peter Paul and Dairy Pancakes!

For Ma’amCakes’ first summertime review in New York City, this restaurant was a fantastic recommendation by my friend Julie. And the best part is that Good Enough to Eat serves breakfast every day! Overall, I’d say the Peter Paul Pancakes are definitely Good Enough to Eat!

Pancake Review at: SONOMA WINE GARDEN

Jun 26th, 2012

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “They have pancakes?!” Well, Sonoma Wine Garden located on top of Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, CA actually has quite the weekend brunch menu!

Having visited Sonoma Wine Garden for a friend’s birthday, I was already looking forward to the bottomless Bellinis; seeing Ma’amCakes on the menu, however, was just the syrup on the pancake!

So, this menu is pretty much the “Where’s Waldo” of pancakes, but check out the first dish “Kaiserschmarrn,” and voila! Ma’amCakes. Having never tried this “Austrian specialty” before I was a little hesitant, but also delighted, to try something new.

Um. Where are my pancakes, and why is there a spoon on my plate – er, bowl? A Ma’amCakes first! Never in my life have I seen pancakes served this way. First bite, here we go!

Interesting… very interesting. As per the menu above, Kaiserschmarrn consisted of a caramelized Austrian pancake soufflé with raisins and roasted apples. I could definitely taste all of the ingredients. However, to my disappointment, the dish tasted much more like caramelized apples and raisins, with a hit of pancake dressing. In other words, this dish tasted more like the toppings, than the actual main course. Having never tried Kaiserschmarrn it is somewhat difficult to review, as I have nothing to compare it to; that being said, when comparing this dish to the rest of the amazing  Ma’amCakes in this city… you can’t even really call these pancakes. With the apple and raisin flavoring, this is the kind of dish you eat in the fall season, before going on a hay-ride.

On a positive note, the whipped cream in the jar was a perfect addition for this dish. The thickness of the cream perfectly balanced the pancakes, and I probably ate more of the whipped cream than that of the Kaiserschmarrn. That ain’t good news for a pancake review, people.

Overall, I highly recommend the Sonoma Wine Garden for brunch, particularly for a special occasion on a beautiful summer weekend. That being said, the Ma’amCakes, not so much. I must say I do actually have some Austrian in me, but have never had Kaiserschmarrn in me before last weekend. I appreciate Sonoma’s attempt to host pancakes with a bit of a twist; but this is Los Angeles, people, and we want a fork on our plate, and at least want an option for more traditional pancakes – especially to soak up the bottomless Bellinis.

IN THE MIX: Pancake Review with Special Guest, Wheel of Fortune Publicity Coordinator, Leslie Jacobe

Mar 8th, 2012

This weekend I was fortunate enough to have my friend Leslie Jacobe, Publicity Coordinator for Wheel of Fortune and also Events Coordinator for Leslie Jacobe Events, join me as a guest reviewer for In the Mix.

As Leslie is a resident of Downtown Los Angeles, and a USC alumn, at her recommendation we visited USC hot-spot Jacks n Joe on South Figueroa St and West Adams Blvd in Los Angeles, CA. As this restaurant was also recommended to me by a former intern (a current student at USC) I had pretty high expectations when pulling into the parking lot. Typically when my expectations are this high, I’m usually disappointed; in this case however – I was blown away with the first bite!

So with my blog, as you know by now, I typically post a photo I take of the menu; however, because Jacks n Joe’s pancake options are so intricate, I wanted to do the menu justice, and display how awesome these choices are by posting the menu directly from their website.

While dining at Jacks n Joe I found myself wanting to check out the creative names on the menu first, and then read the pancake descriptions! In fact, Leslie’s response to the menu was  “You know, I never go out of my way to eat pancakes, but I would definitely come back just for the selection!”

When stalling (as I seriously couldn’t decide which pancakes to order), I asked our server, Sonny (below), which are JnJs most popular pancakes, to which he replied “the Jack’s Banana Pancakes and the WTF?!”

Leslie jumped right in and ordered the Jack’s Banana Pancakes with no walnuts, and while I was eyeing the Hula Girl, I ordered the Pudgie Elvis. For a little added trivia, Sonny informed us that the Pudgie Elvis is actually named after the owners’ bulldog you see in the logo. Guess the dog ate too many pancakes!

Now, if I haven’t already mentioned this: I love peanut butter. I love peanut butter probably as much as I love pancakes. And the fact that I’ve never combined the two is unheard of, I know. But from the smell alone, I knew this breakfast was going to be one for the charts. Well, the quality of the Pudgie Elvis soared off the charts.

I’ve never had a pancake breakfast like this before. See, it’s actually somewhat easy to mess up a pancake-option like this, mainly with the peanut butter. You can easily pack on too much peanut butter, melt it too much, or not enough. Re-looking at this delicious drizzle of peanut butter over powdered sugar, fresh bananas, and fluffy pancakes, the Pudgie Elvis automatically receives 5 stars – er, stacks, as Leslie’s husband suggested. This dish was the perfect combination of peanut butter, powdered sugar, and banana. Somehow among all these luxurious ingredients, the pancakes were not a drop greasy, and can I tell you a secret? For the first time in my entire life I ate pancakes without putting on a hint of syrup.

Leslie’s Jack’s Banana Pancakes (minus the walnuts) tasted just as amazing as they looked. “Wow, the texture is perfect, and not heavy at all.” In fact, by the end of the meal, Leslie’s reaction was “I can’t believe I ate half of these without syrup – and the syrup is really good!” Well Leslie, it all goes back to Ma’amCakes’ motto that a truly delicious pancake doesn’t need syrup.

As Leslie boxed a tiny bit to go, she exclaimed “I didn’t mean to eat this much!” For our next visit to Jack’s n Joe, Leslie said she’s going to try the Ruby Belle, while I am going for the Hula Girl. In fact, while pondering “next time,” maybe the owners Jacks n Joe will let me interview them, and do a special feature on this wonderful USC-Family owned restaurant… thoughts? 0 : )

Hey, Leslie: I’d like to buy a vowel please, so I can give this restaurant an A+!

All in all, if I were to slightly alter the slogan for Jacks n Joe, it would read “A breakfast all day is Ma’amCakes’ kinda place!”

Thank you so much Leslie, for being a part of Saturday Brunch with Ma’amCakes!


Mar 6th, 2012

On Tuesday February 28th I, along with the rest of the country, celebrated National Pancake Day at IHOP! National Pancake Day at IHOP is a day in which IHOP provides a free stack of buttermilk (only) pancakes, in hopes patrons will donate money to the charity, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals©. As per their website, “Since beginning its National Pancake Day celebration in 2006, IHOP has raised nearly $8 million to support charities in the communities in which it operates.” An entire day designated for Ma’amCakes and fellow Americans to celebrate pancakes and charity?! Sign me UP!

I visited the IHOP location on Sunset and Orange in Los Angeles, CA, which, on a normal day, is sketchy-enough; but when you throw in Hollywood bums and free pancakes,  it doesn’t make for the safest meal. Fortunately, we only saw one person escorted out by security – but alas, the security guard was sure to carry the man’s to-go box for him upon his departure. I would have gotten a photo if my guest and I weren’t dining underneath our table.

Now, we all (myself included) typically think of IHOP as the place to go for cheap pancakes, and as the cure for an evil hangover. Yes I have been to IHOP a couple of times, but never as a pancake-reviewer. Having not visited the restaurant in a long time, I will admit that I had preconceived notions for how the meal would taste. But before discussing how my predictions were proven incorrect, let’s first discuss how difficult it was to choose my pancakes!

Being a New Yorker and loving cheesecake, my first notion was to go for the New York Cheesecake Pancakes – this is definitely a pancake-option I have never seen. In fact, the only reason I didn’t go for this dish is because I was on my lunch break from work, and knew I’d be sleeping in the corner of my cubical upon completion of the meal. So instead, I opted for the New Cinn-a-Stack Pancakes.

I realize these don’t look so good, especially when, according to the website, they are supposed to look like this:

But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Look, these are not gourmet pancakes. Contrary to the title, you’re not going to the International House of Pancakes for an incredible selection of delectable pancakes which should be reviewed by Zagat’s. That being said, for the low price and diner-style entrees, these pancakes were pretty fantastic!

The Cinn-a-Stack Pancakes at IHOP were as fluffy as a pillow, fresh, and not-greasy. While the frosting was gooey and a bit much, these pancakes legitimately tasted like cinnamon bun-pancakes. Sure I’ve had cinnamon pancakes, and I’ve had pancakes that tasted like churros (hi Hugo’s),  but I’ve never actually had cinnamon bun pancakes. What a treat!

My guest ordered the stack of free buttermilk pancakes, which she very much enjoyed as well! Sure today’s pancakes came with a side of crazy, but I’m happy I was able to squeeze in a review for National Pancake Day! Hopefully this year IHOP was able to top whatever was made from its 2011 donations.

‘Til next year!

Pancake Review at: BLOOM CAFE

Mar 1st, 2012

-Well, finally found the worst pancakes in LA. So far.

This weekend I visited Bloom Cafe on Pico Blvd and Sierra Bonita Ave in Los Angeles, CA on, what I must say, was a whim. Wanting to go for pancakes close by with parking and no wait is hard to come by in this city, so we figured Pico Boulevard was the route to go. Well, after visiting Bloom Cafe, I now know why there was ample parking, and no wait.

Now, in all fairness, the Yelp reviews do warn you there is a vegan-theme to this restaurant. HOWEVER, the menu only lists “vegan” next to several items – these do NOT include the pancakes. So, I figured I was safe.

Bloom Cafe has a nice little selection of pancakes, and I was informed the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are the most popular. I realize I am a pancake-blogger, but I am still not ready to try the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, a selection I have seen on several menus.

Anyway, my guest was in the mood for pancakes also, but desired an egg-breakfast as well. Bloom Cafe has adapted the new trend of 2+2+2, a dish that offers such option:

I however, opted for the Blueberry Pancakes without the puree on top.

Looking at these pancakes again… it’s just, unfortunate. Judging by the freshness of the orange juice, I thought the pancakes would be fresh, tasty, and crisp. Well, it was quite the opposite experience.

The Blueberry Pancakes at Bloom Cafe were dry, dense, and had an (almost) sour aftertaste from the blueberries. Now, if you can recall from my previous reviews, particularly Charlie’s Coffee Shop, I often discuss the importance of pancakes NOT being pre-soaked in butter. Well, you see that Organic Valley square up there? I had to wipe almost the entire piece on these pancakes, just to finish my meal. Not. Good.

As you remember from my review at Jinky’s Cafe, pancakes are supposed to say “Good morning, sunshine;” unfortunately, these pancakes say “You’re being punished.” If these pancakes are in fact vegan, soy filled, any of that crap, than A: it should clearly say that on the menu, and B: if this is what it means to be vegan, I will never be a converter.

It’s not fun to post such a harsh review. But in a town full of competitive pancake batter, design, and creativity, this just doesn’t cut it. The rest of the menu looks pretty decent, but as my breakfast partner stated “The 2+2+2 was all great – but the worst part about my meal were the pancakes.” Bloom Cafe: as far as your pancakes are concerned, you may want to replace the “Bloom” with “Withering.”

Pancake Review at: JINKY’S CAFE

Feb 21st, 2012

-Hidden treasure people, hidden treasure.

After a 40-minute ride in traffic, followed by a drive through two full parking lots, I (finally) made it to Jinky’s Cafe on 2nd street and Broadway in Santa Monica, California. Fortunately for the sake of the restaurant (and the review) we didn’t have to wait in line upon entering. Based on the ambiance of the restaurant and the diversity in the menu, I had a feeling breakfast would be worth the trek. Well, not only was I right, I was very pleasantly surprised with the deliciousness of this entire meal.

The photo itself (see above) pretty much speaks for the decor of the restaurant, as well as the creativity in the menu. According to the blurb at the beginning of the menu (see below), the food is a “fusion of American, Southwestern, and international flavors.” It is this fusion which generates a delicious breakfast at Jinky’s Cafe.

When checking out the menu and attempting to choose from one of the 15 PANCAKE-OPTIONS (Jinky’s automatically gets major brownie – er, pancake – points for this alone), there were a couple of major pros I wanted to first point-out.

First of all, Jinky’s has pancake-options I have never seen before (i.e. Tropical Pancakes, Oaty Oaty Cakes, and Caramel Creme Pancakes). Between the creativity of the menu and the hippie coloring along the border, this read more like a menu of pancakes from Ben & Jerry. Uh, yes please!

Secondly, and major props to Jinky’s for this: per the menu above, the option to choose the location of your toppings (“Fruits inside the batter only on request”) is a major pro, and almost makes your breakfast customizable. This is a fantastic option, particularly if you’re a blogger, but also equally wonderful if you’re simply a pancake-lover. Now for the best part. Choosing my meal and enjoying every bite!

Besides pancakes, I was craving eggs as well – it was a long drive! – and luckily, Jinky’s caters to such cravings. I went with the 2+2+2 option of eggs, bacon, and buttermilk pancakes BUT for $2 more, you may also substitute for a specialty pancake. So, I substituted for the Banana Chocolate Chip Cakes. You should know that unless asked, ALL toppings remain on top of the pancakes. I, however, decided to put the chocolate chips inside the batter, and keep the bananas on top.

I must say, looking at this photo my mouth is watering again. From the second the plate was placed in front of me, the smell was overbearingly amazing. I was instantly tempted by this pungent scent of fresh bananas, warm chocolate chips, and homemade pancakes practically made by Aunt Jemima herself. Sure, the eggs and bacon were wonderful too; but these pancakes were just incredible.

The Banana Chocolate Chip Cakes were fluffy on top, yet soothingly crispy on the bottom. The chocolate chips appear as little dots in the pancakes, but instantly melt in your mouth within the first bite. When looking at this photo, you can see the morning glisten on the bananas atop of the cakes; as per my review from Blue Plate I explain how important this glisten is in determining the freshness of the fruit. Well, these bananas must have been collected directly from the banana tree – aka the local Saturday Farmer’s Market on 3rd Street – before being placed on my pancakes. And finally, the end of the meal was not capped with the button of my jeans flying across the room; these pancakes were not greasy at all, and they don’t cause you to faint upon completion. As I was smiling from ear to ear after the first bite, the Banana Chocolate Chip Cakes from Jinky’s are a wonderful way to say “Good Morning, Sunshine.” Jinky’s Cafe is now officially my second restaurant with a 5 star rating. It should also be noted that Jinky’s serves breakfast ALL DAY!

All in all, for a Cafe called Jinky’s, it’s anything but.