IN THE MIX: Pancake Review with Special Guest, Manager of Mike Posner and Capital Cities, Dan Weisman

Mar 14th, 2012

This weekend I was super fortunate to have Dan Weisman – Manager of Mike Posner and Capital Cities/Music Manager and Director of Music Marketing of SkullCandy – join me as a guest reviewer for In the Mix. Whew, that was as much of a mouthful as the pancakes!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: I’ve already reviewed at Bea Bea’s! BUT, when Dan requested we go for pancakes with some gluten-free options, I knew a spot that had a lot of gluten-free options – and good ones, too.

As a reminder, below is a list of pancake-options from Bea Bea’s, ALL of which can become gluten-free for just $1 extra!

When viewing the menu, Dan’s initial reaction was “Wow, this is probably the most amount of gluten-free pancake-options I’ve seen in LA – and I’ve been to a lot of spots!” Dan then recommended Square OneBread and Porridge – both of which I’ve never heard of, but am adding to my list! – and John O’ Groats, which I’ve actually already reviewed.  “While I am more of a Waffle guy,” Dan admitted, “I wanted to try a new pancake place.” Well fortunately Dan, with Bea Bea’s, you’re in great hands.

Dan ordered a sausage and egg breakfast, and for our final decision on the pancakes: as Ma’amCakes was feeling a bit full from all the recent reviewing, Dan and I decided to split the Super Star – Gluten Free.

This red, white, and blue all-American breakfast was the perfect way to begin a beautiful March morning in Los Angeles – well in this case, Burbank.

The texture, savor, and fluffiness of this meal was simply: refreshing. As Lesley-Anne stated in my Hugo’s In the Mix review, gluten-free pancakes “don’t make you feel so bloated.” In the case of the Super Star Pancakes at Bea Bea’s, this was definitely the truth. For me, the best part about this pancake-option, besides the freshness of the fruit, was that it barely needed any syrup.

During breakfast as I was mid-story, Dan blurted out “Wow, these are really good!” Music to my ears from a guest reviewer. “You can almost taste a hint of a fruit-essence in the batter. And truthfully, the consistency is better than most gluten-free pancakes I’ve had.” Dan continued to say, “These are very moist, and not greasy at all.” When asking Dan if next time he’d prefer the fruit inside the batter, he immediately stated, “no, definitely prefer the fruit on top.”

This review was a bit challenging for Ma’amCakes, as it was the first time I’d received a gluten-free breakfast request. It’s important to note that Bea Bea’s caters to this necessity – as well as vegan – for all those who desire to enjoy pancakes like the rest of us, but don’t necessarily have the luxury.

You know it was a good breakfast when, as the server removed the egg & sausage plate, Dan and I both yelled “leave the pancakes!”

Thank you so much, Dan, for being a part of Saturday brunch with Ma’amCakes! And be sure to check out Justin Bieber’s new single “Boyfriend,” which Mike wrote and produced!