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IN THE MIX: Pancake Review with Special Guest, Correspondent at Extra and Former E! Personality, Ben Lyons

Apr 4th, 2012

Last week I was incredibly honored to have Ben Lyons, Correspondent at Extra and former E! personality, join me as a guest reviewer for In the Mix.

As you may recall, Ben & I had a brief Twitter interaction, and he so graciously accepted my offer to join me as a guest reviewer.

Although Ben’s favorite pancake spot in LA is Griddle Cafe, due to slight scheduling conflicts we finally settled on Joan’s on Third.

As I quickly discovered, Ben, like myself, is a born and raised Manhattanite, and because of this I knew his opinions would be on par for the review!

Walking into Joan’s on Third always reminds me of the gourmet grocery store (if you’ve ever been to New York City), Dean & Deluca.

Although I was a bit disappointed, and surprised, that Joan’s only had buttermilk pancakes (I mean, seriously…), leave it to Ben to make the best of the situation: “It’s all good, I’ll just order a side of bacon, crumble it up, and make it Buttermilk Bacon Pancakes!” Joan’s on Third, if you’re reading this – take a hint, perhaps?

Although the pancake menu is as skinny as the ladies entering the restaurant, the pancakes were very tasty and fresh. The Buttermilk Pancakes at Joan’s on Third were fluffy, airy, and abided by Ma’amCakes’s rule of what constitutes a great pancake: one that doesn’t need syrup.

Ben’s little concoction ended up being the perfect morning hangover meal. “Ya, this is definitely hitting the spot. Wow these are good.” Ben also agreed that a truly delicious buttermilk pancake doesn’t need syrup, and the ones that do are usually “dry and dense.”

Overall, while the pancakes were delicious, a word to the wise: if you’re going to open a restaurant that serves pancakes on Third Street in Los Angeles – the same street that houses Doughboys and Toast – ya might want to spice up the pancake menu. Literally.

While Ben and my conversation focused as much on the pancakes as did the menu, we both agreed that the Buttermilk Pancakes at Joan’s on Third were very tasty.

Thank you so much, Ben, for being a part of brunch with Ma’amCakes! Be sure to also check out Ben’s interviews for his latest gig with Russell Simmons’s

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Pancake Review at: BEA BEA’S

Jan 8th, 2012

On Saturday I visited Bea Bea’s on Pass Ave between Oak St. and Alameda in Burbank, CA. The slogan on both their storefront and menu, “Breakfast is Everything,” is a perfect description of the class, creativity, and savor Bea Bea’s puts into their food. While I wasn’t quite in the mood to trek all the way to Burbank for breakfast, the drive was beyond worth it.

The menu above pretty much speaks for itself. For a pancake-lover to attempt to choose only one dish off Bea Bea’s menu, is like asking a child to select their favorite toy in FAO Schwarz. Our server mentioned their most popular pancake was in fact the Just For You Pumpkin; but while I was debating between the Super Star, S’mores, Pacific Island, and Banana PB Crunch, I ended up choosing the Summer’s Dream.

Although I was very much anticipating my pancakes, I also had a craving for eggs as well. Luckily Bea Bea’s, with its intensely diverse menu, gives you such option:

It was at this point I combined the Summer’s Dream with Pooh’s Surprise, a dish I’d like to coin the phrase for: Dream Pooh. Props to Bea Bea’s for this opportunity- not all restaurants allow you to combine a specialty pancake with an egg breakfast. If at all, you’ll typically find this option with plain-pancakes only.

Now for the review:

Summer’s Dream was pure decadence. Although I am a fan of Nutella (a topping typically more popular on the east coast) I’ve never had this with pancakes. The breakfast was a wonderful combination of flavor and texture.

The best part about this dish was that each item was just as amazing by itself, as it was together. The pancakes themselves may be the best pancakes I have ever had- and considering this is my second review, the bar has now been set pretty high. The pancakes are doughy, but not too filling, and cooked just right. As if they were just picked from a field and placed on my breakfast, the strawberries tasted incredibly fresh.  And the Nutella was the perfect topping to this specialty breakfast.

My only additional comment is that while I’d never before had mascarpone cream- this tastes like whipped cream combined with cream cheese- I’d say the dish needs way less than the scoop provided. When putting a small dabble on my bites of Summer’s Dream, I realized it was all I needed- if that, at all. The dish in itself is wonderful- and filling- enough, and I felt the addition of the mascarpone was in fact, too much.

All in all, Bea Bea’s may officially be my favorite pancake stop in Los Angeles. The staff is incredibly nice, and while there is usually a slight wait for a table, the food comes quickly enough. Also, the option for gluten-free and/or vegan, makes Bea Bea’s even more special; this is certainly an option that not many restaurants have.

The drive to Burbank is well worth it, and Bea Bea’s got it right: Breakfast IS everything.