Happy Hump Day!

Here’s a little Ma’amCakes fun to make you smile on Hump Day.


Free Scary Face Pancakes at IHOP

Have an extra Spooktacular Halloween with your kids at IHOP, and get a FREE Scary Face Pancake!


See below to learn more about the IHOP Scary Face tradition all throughout the month of October:

The Pancake Printer

Ever been hungover at work, and dreaming of producing pancakes instead of spreadsheets when hitting that “print” button? Well now you can!

Check out this article from Business Insider and watch your dreams come true!


The Pancake Prince Charming

In an unpredictable series of events, last weekend during my ride home, my Uber driver/actor began talking about his proficient pancake skills. After sharing the step by step directions to cook – from scratch – his favorite pancakes back home in Boston, I decided that he should put his money where his mouth is and prove that this skillet skill-set was in fact, no joke. To my surprise, Kevin showed up Saturday morning with two bags full of groceries, as he was ready to make me a “Belated 30th Birthday Pancake Brunch Bash.”

Check out our fun Saturday morning baking feast below!






Happy birthday to ME!

Time to eat!


Monday MehCakes

Enjoy some Monday MehCakes courtesy of Comedy Central


All Pancake Love is Equal!

Ma’amCakes is thrilled to celebrate the Supreme Court’s ruling of same-sex marriage!


Happy Valentine’s Day, FanCakes!

Sending love and tastiness to all my sweet FanCakes! Love you all!


Check out this recipe, here!

Holiday Hotcakes!

Check out these festive flapjack recipe ideas from Betty Crocker!


Flapjack Feuds from the LA Times

Check out this super witty Argyle Sweater comic strip from the June 24th issue of the Los Angeles Times by Scott Hilburn!

*Special shout-out to my co-worker for sharing!


Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with Leprechaun Pancakes!

Happy St. Paddy’s day from Shaky SoCal! Enjoy this little creation from LittleNummies.com